Westy Weekly 3/13/17


Upcoming Events

March 13: Rally for Westland Committee Meeting @ Ashley’s
March 14: Easter Eggstravaganza Committee Meeting @ The Beresford’s
March 15: Dealing With Difficult People 7 pm at City Hall
March 17: St Patricks Day Social at Malarkys
March 25: Pets for Veterans at the Wayne Ford Civic
March 28: Board Meeting 7 pm
April 8: EasterEgg-stravaganza @ Wayne Ford Civic League

Good afternoon Westy’s and Friends!

As is the way in Michigan, we are greeted this morning with a bit of snow. A reminder that we aren’t safe from winter just yet! Be safe out there friends. I personally hope that if we are going to get snow, we should get enough to take the kids sledding just one more time. Then it can disappear! But that’s just my opinion.

This past week has been one full of work, play and visits to the Doctor. Please continue to send prayers of healing to President Rebecca after her surgery this past Friday. And know that I am healing up slowly but surely after lifting tables the wrong way for TRU! I was even able to join Rebeka this weekend for a meeting with the Westland Historical Society’s Event Coordinator. She filled in for #60 while she was recovering. Keep checking the group and this publication for some fun upcoming events we will be teaming up for!

Chairwoman of the Board Sarah Austin was joined by General Member DJ Campbell for Training Day in Lansing this past weekend. It was a great day provided by the Michigan Jaycees to bring 3 of our trainings together in one place as well as a Roundtable Discussion and Social. I was unable to attend, so be ready to bring Effective Leadership training to Westy!
A shout out to Community VP Rebeka Beresford and Devin Markonni for their help with retrieving tables from the Cultural Center after our TRU event. They even got them all loaded up and back into storage for us on Monday.

Please keep the Family and Friends of Garden City Council person Jim Kerwin in your thoughts. He was a very dedicated member of his community and will be missed.

We have quite a few events this week! We have committees forming for some upcoming projects. Be sure to check the list at the top of this email or our Members Page for more information.

This Wednesday at 7 p.m. is our Dealing with Difficult People training with Jay Johnson. Please be prepared to leave enlightened as well as entertained! Jay is an amazing speaker, even when it comes to talking about those people in our lives we might wish we never had to deal with again.

Then, on Friday at 7 p.m. join us again for our St. Patrick’s Day Social at Malarkey’s Irish Pub! We are very excited to have an event where we get to enjoy good company, grab some grub and relax. We hope to see you there. Bring a friend or 5!!

If you haven’t yet, and would like to, please check out our Relay for Life Team page and sign-up for this year’s event!

In closing, this week has been one of trials and unplanned events, but we are a team and we recovered with outstanding support of our members. Thank you for being ready to pick up the reins when things don’t go as planned. Thank you to our Associates, Senators and Friends who come together for events like TRU and help us continue to create impact in our communities. It’s the very meaning behind “Working Together is Success”.

A song I came across a while ago has been in my thoughts for quite some time. Here’s a link:

In Jaycees,

April Hendryx
Public Relations Liaison 2017
Westland Area Jaycees

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