Westy Weekly 1/15/17

Reminder Dates
January 16: Roberts Rules 7 pm at the Markonni’s
January 21: Shooting Range Social 3 pm
January 24: Board Meeting 7 pm at Emily Dreyers
January 30: New Member Orientation 7 pm at Emily Dreyers
February 4: First Gentleman’s Breakfast 8 am at Westland Family Diner
February 7: GMM 7 pm at the Wayne Ford Civic League
February 25: Annual Bowling Fundraiser at Westland Bowl 9 pm
*Please checkout our google calendar at westlandareajaycees.org


Good Evening Westy!
This was an amazing weekend for the Westland Area Jaycees. We had the opportunity Friday evening to celebrate the accomplishments of our chapter at the President’s Party. I would personally like to thank all of those who came out to celebrate with us and would also like to congratulate all those well deserved honorees. The evening was filled with great food, great music but mostly importantly, great friends. Way to go Team 59!!
I know that I have said this a lot but I am truly honored to work with the team that was elected for Team 60. They are dedicated and excited about the year to come. I also am feeling incredibly honored to have such amazing members in the Westland Area Jaycees. (yes, people should be jealous) In our chapter it is never about ourselves but about working together to create success. That alone makes our chapter AMAZING!!! I had the opportunity to sit with the committee for the bowling fundraiser today. This is James Willingham’s first project!!! So many ideas were being shared that I couldn’t help but be inspired by these young leaders. It is moments like this that we are placing our “brick and mortar” to create our “Rome”! With the hard work and dedication of our members, 2017 will be successful!!!Feeling Inspired,
Rebecca Markonni
60th President
Westland Area Jaycees









Some highlights from this week!

2017 Board of Directors being sworn in!

Presidents 60, 59 and 58!

2017 Board of Directors

President: Rebecca Markonni
Chairperson of the Board: Sarah Austin
Community VP: Beka Beresford
Individual Development VP: Melody Montgomery
Public Relations Liaison: April Hendryx
Treasurer: James Hart
Secretary: Courtney Scott
Management Director: Andy Beresford
Membership Director: Emily Dreyer