Westy Weekly 1/29/17

Good Evening Westy!

This has been an exciting week in the Westland Area. Meeting with the Mayor of Westland inspired the team to think big and look at more avenues for recruiting. I had the opportunity to work with the WLND cable station following the meeting to create a promo video that provides information about the Westland Area Jaycees. This will be aired on the Westland Cable station in the upcoming weeks. Grab a Marketplace newspaper at one of your local businesses this week and check out some of your AWESOME members working at the Historic Village.

The bylaws committee met Friday to discuss the current bylaws. This was an incredibly productive meeting. The bylaws will be presented via email and the members only page in the next few weeks and will be voted on at the March general membership meeting. Lots of busy work at the start of the year but it is all part of the process of making Westland Area Jaycees AMAZING!!

Teamwork has been on my mind this week. There is great opportunity and great success when we are working as a team. This concept is not just within the Jaycees but in your homes and workplaces.

Why is teamwork important?

  1. Supports a more empowered way of working- restraints and stress are reduced when the team works together as a whole. It allows each member to share work equally and  therefore success is more attainable.
  2.  Encourages multi-disciplinary work- Each member of a team brings a unique set of skills, knowledge and vision to the group. When teams work together and utilize each members skills it provides an environment of growth. For instance, a football team has the big guys who support the defense, runners who can chase the ball through the field, kickers for those bonus points, and coaches to make sure each persons skills are being used in the best way. None of the players could “win” the game without the others.
  3. Fosters flexibility and responsiveness, especially the ability to respond to change. Success only comes when teams openly discuss change when it is needed. Talking to each other, respecting others opinions and listening encourages members to evaluate and make those necessary changes. It is always easier to accept change when you feel that it is accepted by the majority and that your input was taken into consideration.
  4. Promotes the sense of achievement, and camaraderie, essential for a motivated workplace. Teamwork is fun when you feel you are part of something amazing. When you are having fun then it never quite feels like work.


I encourage each of you to work as a team with your fellow Jaycee members. Ask them questions, make them feel welcome and ultimately truly listen with intent to learn something new. Here is a video that I found inspiring that showcases teamwork. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-Hzzg1AtVs


Looking forward to being part of the team,

Rebecca Markonni

60th President

Westland Area Jaycees