Westy Weekly 2/19/17

February 25: Annual Bowling Fundraiser at Westland Bowl 9 pm
February 28: Board Meeting 7 pm
March 4: TRU
March 7: General Membership Meeting 7 pm at the Wayne Ford Civic
March 11: JCI Day in Lansing
March 15: Dealing With Difficult People 7 pm at City Hall
March 17: St Patricks Day Social at Malarkys
March 25: Pets for Veterans at the Wayne Ford Civic
March 28: Board Meeting 7 pm

Good Evening Westy!
This was a busy week in Westy! We have a TON of projects in the process of being planned; Easter Eggstravaganza, Relay for Life, Bowling Fundraiser, BBQ Throwdown and Metal Mania. There is some truly amazing work being done in Westland in preparation for a spectacular year! This Saturday is the bowling fundraiser at Westland Bowl. The price is $20 per person and this covers 3 games of bowling, pizza, pop and shoes. Check-in time is at 8:30 and bowling begins at 9. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time socializing with other members of our chapter, members from other chapters and community members.
I had the chance to present a training on writing PMG’s (Project Management Guide) this past week with our members. The PMG is an essential tool to running a successful project. The guide allows the chairperson to remain organized and leaves a legacy of information for future chair people. I have a personal love for the PMG. We have past members who have utilized their knowledge of writing one to begin their business plans to start their own businesses. I have used the PMG to present program changes in my workplace and my superiors have always commented how well organized the presentation was. Having the knowledge base of project management is a benefit to your resume as well. When looking for work or applying for new positions within your company, the knowledge of project management experience can be the one thing that sets you apart from others. PMG training is an individual development skill that sets us apart from all other community organizations and is one opportunity to strengthen your leadership skills.
I am honored to have been able to swear in our newest member, Tony Paris this week at one of our committee meetings. Tony is energetic and intelligent. He is going to make a fantastic WESTY!
Look forward to seeing everyone Saturday at bowling!! And remember that Success is seen when working together, please consider joining the committees for our upcoming projects.

Feeling Ecstatic,
Rebecca Markonni
60th President
Westland Area Jaycees