Westy Weekly 3/5/17


March 7: General Membership Meeting 7 pm at the Wayne Ford Civic
March 11: JCI Day in Lansing
March 15: Dealing With Difficult People 7 pm at City Hall
March 17: St Patricks Day Social at Malarkys
March 25: Pets for Veterans at the Wayne Ford Civic
March 28: Board Meeting 7 pm

Good Evening Westy!
This week in Westy the chapter had the honor of running the Poker Room for the Tactical Response Unit (TRU) fundraiser. This was our 10th year participating in this event. Our team was fantastic as always. The members that came out to deal were amazing and well reviewed. The members that helped to make this project happen so smoothly were impeccable. Thank you so much Sarah Austin and Emily Dehrer for running such a FUN project. For those of you that do not know what we do for TRU it is an awesome fundraising opportunity where we get to run the poker/black jack area at this HUGE fundraiser. We put on our Westy best and deal cards and sell chips.
I have recently found my love for this project. See, I am not a poker player so this project never sounded like something I would like. For 8 years I did not attend. Last year the chapter needed some extra hands on deck so I came out for the first time. And to my surprise I had a absolute blast. I would have never imagined how much fun I would have selling chips and helping out. I wanted to share this because I know I have missed the opportunity in the past to be part of some amazing things that the Jaycees do because it didn’t seem like something I would like to do. Each time I tested this and went out to a project that I “wouldn’t” be interested in, I have learned each time that I was wrong. I encourage each of you to test my theory this year and come out to projects that you would not think that you would enjoy, I guarantee that you, like me, you will be surprised.
I look forward to sharing new experiences with each of you this year! We definitely have the opportunities for this. Come out to the general membership meeting (GMM) Tuesday and see what is in store for you….

Feeling Enthusiastic,
Rebecca Markonni
60th President
Westland Area Jaycees

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