Westy Weekly 6/2/2016

This week with the Westland Area Jaycees

Hey there!!

It’s your VP2, April Hendryx, here again with the Westy Weekly! Thank you for your feedback on the newest rendition of the Westy Weekly. If you are having any trouble seeing or opening this publication, please email me at vp2@westlandareajaycees.org

It’s been a crazy week in my household with the holiday weekend and lovely weather! Which leads me to send out a reminder for all of my friends: Wear sunscreen!! Though I had plenty at the parade, I didn’t apply any myself. 😉 Bad idea. You want to keep your skin safe in these hot months. I have had 2 friends suffer from Melanoma. This is a form of Skin Cancer and it can be a very sneaky one. It doesn’t just show up in freckles that look weird, or patches of discolored skin. It can sneak up on you and infiltrate all areas of your body. Please, if you notice ugly ducking freckles, or have a history of this type of cancer, follow up with a dermatologist and make your yearly appts. to make sure you are safe. Even if you don’t have a history, it can’t hurt to go in and have your skin checked out just in case.

I bring up this topic because this weekend is our Relay for Life event here in Westland-Wayne. It’s fundraising time for Cancer Research and it also helps to bring awareness to the cause. Please join us at this years Relay for Life event. Information can be found below.

I would also like to give a shout out to Katie Theakston for bringing a fun new fundraiser for this event! The Flush-Out-Cancer fundraiser has helped raise over $800 and that number is not final. Sarah and Danny Austin, our President and First Gentleman, and their son Michael have also stepped up and been helping keep the toilet moving. This has been a lot of work on everyone’s behalf and just wanted to take a moment to say “THANK YOU!”. You rock!

Below you will find more info on Relay as well as other upcoming events in our local chapter and some from all over the state.

My quote of the week:

I hope to see you this weekend!

Happy Blessings,
April Hendryx
2016 Vice-President (2)
Westland Area Jaycees

This week’s Calender:

June 4th and 5th Annual Relay for Life event. The event is being held at The Westland Farmers Market Pavilion 1901 N. Carlson St. Westland MI

The timeline for our site/event is as follows: If you have any questions, please reach out to one of the board members and we will assist in any way we can.
Saturday @ 7:30am Set-up the site
@ 11:00am Opening Ceremony
@ 4:30-6pm Silent Auction (We will need the most help at this time!)
Sunday   @ 6:30am Closing and tear down of the site (We could also use extra                                                  help!)

This is an overnight event and we are hoping to keep someone on the track at all times walking laps and helping at our site. If you are a night owl, we’d love to see you! We will be selling items throughout the day as well as extra team shirts for $10 for those interested as long as supplies last.
For theme information you can see that list here:
For Activities see this link here:

Events coming up with the Westland Area Jaycees:
Information for these events can be found on the Members page located at this link:
June 18th –            Westy Pub Crawl
June 25th            Skateland West
July – October-  Collecting bottles for Nothing but Nets at our monthly GMM
August 5th-6th-    All American BBQ Throwdown
September-        Metal Mania (date TBD)
October 8th       Garden City Chili Cook-off
October 15th     Murder Mystery
October 22nd     Veterans 5k and Fall Festival

Events All Around Us:
Information for these events can be found on MIJC Post it Here page located at this link:
June 11th –            Farmington Chapters Halloween in June
June 18th            Lugnuts Social
Sept. 9-11th–        Amerada 2016 held at Camp Dearborn
Oct 30th – Nov. 4th -World Congress
Nov. 12th –            LOTS/MIJC Inauguration

If you’d like more information or to be added to your weekly text for committee meeting dates and times, please email Rebeka at director1@westlandareajaycees.org Every Sunday she sends out a text to keep us all updated!