Its our last day of April and then Its MAY! I am very eager and excited to get Spring and Summer underway. I need to be outside and in the nice weather. I have too many projects and toys that require good weather to complete or enjoy. That and I am simply running too low on my Vitamin D and sunshine intake requirements.

Are you ready for Conference? Its next week! I hope you are as excited as I am. We are going to be well represented at Conference and I cant wait for all of the wonderful training and celebrations coming up. Plus, being at Great Wolf isn’t half bad either! The theme is Kentucky Derby, so ladies, those Easter hats have a double purpose. You can also get crafty if you like and make something. Im not sure yet what we are doing. Many of you have registered and are also starting to book your training sessions. For those that haven’t, here is the link to do so. http://goo.gl/forms/I1QPdIUBCE Go and select one training from each session block. I look forward to seeing all of you there. We will be up there two days early for the kids to play in the water park and to visit TC. If you need anything or have any questions, go ahead and call me.

Next week (Tuesday the 5th) is our MAY GMM! It will be off site at Mr. Mikes on Wayne Rd in Westland. For those wanting to eat first, try to be there by 6:15. For those attending the meeting, we will attempt to get started by 7PM and get through our material. We are hoping for a decent recruiting event at this GMM. We would like to walk into Conference with some last minute member adds, so get your friends in who you know would be a great fit. My offers are still open. Anyone who joins and registers on may will get $8 from me (First month Fues). Also, any member who completely recruits 3 new members by May conference gets dinner on ole #58 along with the most important recognition ever; THE GLORY!

Competitors, I have three of the advance presentations in hand now. Im waiting for the fourth and final. Also remember to wish Sarah Austin well as she represents the Westy in Master Speak-Up!

Heres a big High Five to DJ Campbell for putting on a stellar social last weekend. The big hair, punk rocker theme was great and none looked better than our very own Michal Kehrer! Totally Awesome Mike! We had fun, got some cool pictures, and even met some potential new members. Hopefully we will see them on Tuesday.

New Projects gaining steam

Our Veterans Day 5K is looking up. We have had a few meetings and some contact with the city. Tomorrow, we will meet with one of our anchor partners to really get this things going. Were going to need a lot of help on this one. Its going to cross over into a few different organizations outside of our chapter, so it’s a good opportunity to meet new people in the area.

All American Car Show – This is still in the planning works as we are trying to nail down a new location. Unfortunately, the mall was unable to accommodate our request, so we are reaching out to local business to work with us. Stay tuned for this event

Memorial Day Parade – May 24th. The Westland Jaycees will be there. We are needed to help setup. I think it will also be a good time to debut the new Westy Whip in the parade. Were going to need some wavers, walkers, and candy throwers! A few American flags as well! I have a meeting this evening at the Wayne Rd VFW for more information.

Enough from me, here’s a note from our VP – Rebecca Markonni

Hello Westland area Jaycees!!!

So excited to see flowers starting to pop up everywhere! Looks like spring is finally headed our way. With that in mind the board is working to put together some awesome outside activities. Looking forward to a “drive-in” movie and car show coming up real soon. Also looking forward to evenings at club Westy with the fire pit:)

This time of the year we all become very busy with grad parties, school ending and so forth. It becomes difficult to find Jaycee time. We as a board realize this and are making sure to take this busy time into account when planning activities. One thing I have always enjoyed about this time of the year is including my Jaycee family into my busy schedule. When we are running around with our family trying to spend time in the great weather I like to send a shout out to the Jaycees and invite them out. Keep your eye out for some of these spontaneous “projects”. Never know when the weather is just perfect for a trip to the beach or a rainy day perfect for bowling.
Hope to see everyone real soon!!

“Thee vp”

Coming Up!

The R4L Bowling fundraiser planning is underway. Amy Willingham and team have been ironing out all of the details and getting things lined up to make it a success. Right now, the tentative plan is to have fees at $20 in advance for bowling or $25 on site. Includes food, a couple games, and great times! Should you have any further questions, call your Director, Awesome Amy. Date is May 22 at Westland Bowl

That’s enough for now, I need to get going to enjoy this beautiful day and get some exercise in.


Apr 25 – Party Like a Rock Star at Strykers in Westland

May 5 – Off Site GMM at Mr. Mikes in Westland

May 8-10 – May Conference at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City!

May 15-16 – World Expo of Beer in Frankenmuth

May 22 – R4L Bowling Fundraiser at Westland Bowl

May 24 – Memorial Day Parade

Jim Hart
2015 President
Westland Area Jaycees