Westy Weekly Dec. 4th, 2015

Friends and Jaycees,

It has been a very busy week, but it has also been a very rewarding one. I would like to thank all of you who helped make the Inaugural Veterans Day 5K such a wonderful success. We had over 200 participants and dozens of volunteers and spectators. I was very pleased to see so many people out to support the cause and honor our heroes. It was also amazing to have the 952nd Quartermasters out of Livonia lead our 5K! You all worked very hard to make this a reality. As a Veteran, I salute all of you! I am already getting emails and messages from several participants who are asking how to register again for next year! While we are still working over the numbers, we expect to be able to contribute nearly $10,000 to Veterans Haven and some of our other local veterans groups. It is our goal to have the checks ready for presentation at the 7 Dec City Hall meeting. A day I find so very fitting as it is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. I hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Again, a HUGE THANKS to our sponsors; Bill Johnson and UAW Local 900, Dr Amanda Apfelblat – Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, and Gary Bulson – Men on the Move. Without these Patriots, this event would likely have not happened.

We also had another project on November 7th, and that was the Make A Senior Smile event with County Commissioner Richard LeBlanc. This was our second showing and I couldn’t be more grateful to April Hendryx and Danny Austin for leading this with our Jayteens. I also received a call from April last night as she was very pleased to tell me that one of the Seniors the team helped managed to call April and again thank her for our service. This is another great project and good example of working together as a community.

We have earned a little break, so lets take it in and enjoy the time. Keep an eye on the Westy Page for a social between now and Thanksgiving to just sit and enjoy some fellowship! I am also looking at hosting a Membership Interest Social. This would be for serious interested citizens who are ready to become a part of one of the greatest leadership and Community service organizations in the area. Stay Tuned.

Lets talk about what is coming up!

NOV 27th Black Friday is our annual Cards for the Troops event at Westland Shopping Center. We will be on site from 6AM to 3PM collecting signatures on holiday cards to ship them overseas to our heroes who cant be with us this season. This is a wonderful project and Ashley Holland will be taking the lead this year on her first Chair position! Lets be sure to support her!

The very next day (NOV 28th) will be the Santaland Parade and we are excited to make our debut appearance behind the longtime favorite Redford Jaycees Lawnmower drill corps. As a Corpsman myself, I promise you that this is a show favorite. We will be sporting our Westy gear and our new hats. We will need people to walk, wave, and hand out candy to parade route children. Walk in the parade and invite your family and friends to watch

And that’s not all! On Sunday, Nov 29th, we will have our last  D4 Social of the year, which will take place at the new DNR Outdoor Adventure Center. This is a family-friendly place and we have a group rate of $2 per person. We’ll debrief after at Atwater, which is open until 8 p.m. Check out the adventure center: www.facebook.com/MiOutdoorAdventureCenter/. Hope to see you all there!

But wait, THERES MORE!!

DEC 1st – December Membership Meeting will be off site at Mr Mikes. Food at 6:30 for those who wish to eat beforehand. Meeting at 7:30.

Dec 2nd – is the City of Westland Tree Lighting Ceremony and we will be on site to provide support and run a crafts station for area children. New Member Courtney Scott will be chairing the project.

DEC 5th is the City of Wayne Tree Lighting Ceremony and Sammy Willingham will be chairing this event as we will provide additional support as well

This is a big one. December 14th, we will be hosting a town hall meeting to discuss the dangers and signs of Human Trafficking. We will have a guest speaker and this will be open to all area parents and their children. There will be some very important discussion that all parents should be made aware. We are hoping to get our marketing slicks and flyers done for this as soon as possible so we can share with the local schools. This will be held at the City of Westland City Hall meeting Room. Time is TBD, but we are targeting a 7PM start.

The Breakfast with Santa Event is also coming up and that is TBD. The Committee if forming now

Last, but not least, mark your calendars. The Presidents Party will be Friday January 15th. We will have a wonderful celebration of our year in 2015 and we will also have emcee Jim Williams again this year! More to come.

Nov 26th – Thanksgiving
Nov 27th – Cards for the Troops
Nov 28th – Garden City Santaland Parade
Nov 29th – D4 Social
Dec 1st  – Dec GMM at Mr Mikes
Dec 2nd – Westland Tree Lighting
Dec 5th – Wayne Tree Lightning
Dec 14th – human Trafficking Town Hall Meeting
DEC – TBD – Breakfast With Santa
Jan 15th – Presidents Party


Human Trafficking – Click here for Flyer