Westy Weekly Feb. 20, 2015

Good Morning Westy!

Yes, it’s Friday morning and I didn’t get the Weekly Westy out in time last night. With all of the excitement and preparation for the Conference that starts today, I simply ran out of steam. Hopefully I can get revving up this morning because its -18 Degrees outside!!!  I’m going to go on record now and say that I’m not a fan of winter, at all. Never have been. I enjoy outside activities in shorts and sunny weather too much. I know a lot of people enjoy winter sports and my hats off to you. This year is getting even worse than last year, I don’t think I ever remember it being so cold.  I hope my truck and van starts this morning, cause we have a LOT to do.  As I reach back to my Army days, I am reminded to keep warm by using the acronym – COLD

C: Keep it Clean (keep your clothing clean from dirt, salt, and debris); O: Avoid Overheating; L: Wear clothing Loose and in layers; D: Keep clothing Dry

For more info from the US Army on Cold Weather – Look here. http://phc.amedd.army.mil/topics/discond/cip/Pages/ColdCasualtiesInjuries.aspx

The Big topic is Conference (Convention for some of the veterans) tonight. There is so much going on and we are excited to be a part of the year end celebration in Troy. This morning, Myself, Amy, DJ, and Callie will head out to the storage facility and secure our tables for tomorrows Speak Easy Poker event. Afterwards, we will head up to Troy and get settled in. I will also have all of our SWAG available as well as our new FLEECE COLD WEATHER CAPS!! Those that already ordered them will get theirs and those that want some can buy one on site. Price is still TBD as I haven’t gotten the total. I expect them to be between 16-20 dollars each, but they are OH so worth it.  Opening Ceremonies are at 8pm. Be sure to be in your Chapter Hoodie or T-Shirt. (I think it’s a bit too cold for a T-Shirt)

For all First Timers, be sure to get there by  6:30PM to get settled because you need to head over to the Athens room to see Kimberly Roffe for your first timers sign up.

For a complete Agenda, trainings, and a list to everything that is going on this weekend, you can find it here http://www.michiganjaycees.org/yearend2014

I know you all will enjoy the weekend and if you ever get lost or need some help, reach out to us on Facebook for any of our Board members contact information. We will be here to help.  A Final note about conference. Wear your name tag tonight and tomorrow during the day. Guard it well. Other chapters are always on the hunt for a “trophy” at conferences and a Westland Area Badge is a highly coveted prize. On the other hand,.. if someone might leave something laying around from another chapter. Be sure to keep it safe for them. ☺

Last item is our Comedy Night next week. We are on the hook to sell 50 tickets and right now we are only at 20. Linda will have all of the tickets on her this weekend. Try to work the crowd a bit to get the word out so people can come. This is an excellent social event where you will get a chance to see a some of the other Jaycees that maybe weren’t able to make it this weekend or talk to some of them you met again. Its also a good time and good for the chapter. (Its also a good recruitment event)  Share the link on your FB page and ask your friends to come!


Don’t Forget, our HUGE Easter event is next month – 21 Mar 2015 and the Ford Wayne Civic League. It’s a fantastic event and we need to get as many people  from the community out as we can. We will be providing links and information very soon!

Upcoming Events

25 Feb –Let’s Laugh – We’re going to Joey’s Comedy Club. Bring a friend or three.

28 Feb – We’re MOVING!!! Come and help us load up the truck and head out to
Beverly (Hills that is). We’re moving out of our storage locker and into a spot at Men on the Move nearby.

3 Mar – March GMM

21 Mar – Easter Egg Hunt at Wayne Ford Civic League

Apr 7 – April GMM

Update – Our May and August GMM’s will stay on their regularly scheduled days but will be off site. Keep an eye out on our updated locations. November will be moved to the next day, which is a Wednesday, in observance of elections. Get out and Vote!


Jim Hart
2015 President
Westland Area Jaycees