Westy Weekly – June 16th, 2015

It is again Thursday and that means, it is time for the Westy Weekly!

Can you believe the year is almost half way over? Seems like yesterday, the board was working hard to put together a year of outstanding programming. Here we are, half way through and some of us are wondering what happened!? Well, We’ve been busy, that’s what happened! Its been a great year so far and the best is yet to come!

I want to take this opportunity to to tell you all again about our Jaycee Park cleanup. Callie, Linda, and the rest of the committee have been working hard to put this together and I think this is a great chance for us to clean up our park, spend time together as a chapter, while also engaging the local community.

Here is a note from Project Chair, Callie Hubbard:

Linda and I are hard at work putting together everything for the upcoming Jaycee Park Clean-Up on Sunday June 29th at 12:30pm. We just had a meeting with Jessica Mistak and Terry Martin and they are both excited for the park clean up just as much as we are. We I’ll be painting the Pavilion and getting rid of the graffiti on the play ground. We will need the most help with the leaves as their is a ton. We are asking everyone to bring their own rakes and get as many things donated as you can. Terry is willing to let us use a lot of the city’s items so we have to make sure we return them when we are done. We have a lot of idea for this park to be a great park for the future. Terry is super excited and appreciate all the help we are willing to do to our park. A list of things we will need the most is leaf bags, gloves, paint brushes and rakes. We are having food after. This is open to everyone so bring the whole family out and help make this park look great. Looking forward to seeing everyone.  Also April made a great flyer that I will be getting printed today to so we will also need help passing out flyers to the neighborhood and all your friends. You can download your printable copy here:


I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!

I also want to remind everyone about the Car show. This is on Jul 11th and we need maximum participation to blow the doors off on our innagural event! Were going to have some sponsors, some cool cars, and it is also a great recruiting event. Be there in your Westy black and bring your hot rodder friends. $5 to park and enter into a compeittion!

KEEP your ears open for a committee meeting call for the Veterans Day 5K! Its coming soon!

Jim Hart
2015 President
Westland Area Jaycees