Westy Weekly Oct. 1st, 2015

Hey Westy!

Tomorrow is Conference! Im looking forward to seeing all of you and having a wonderful weekend. Both days are packed full of fun, training, and activities! Remember that I’ll need about 3 people to come tomorrow and take our Flint photo. I need to have that done by noon / 1pm as I need to get back for our SPE presentations. We will have the Hospitality room up and running by the time most of you get there, so keep an eye out on the Members Only page for the room number.

Next Tuesday is our October GMM and our first round of Nominations for the 2016 Board. We will also have SGM Laycock come and talk to us about the Couch to 5K program that will help feed into our Veterans Day 5K. Please do your best to make it to this meeting.

On Saturday, October 10th, we will be participating in the Rouge A Palooza event in Wayne. Lets get someone to take a lead on this and make a great showing. Details are here – https://rougeapalooza.wordpress.com/event-calendar/

October 25th is the Friendly Monster event. Join us for a friendly, lights on, no monsters walk through Hush Haunted Attraction. Play games outside. Sign up for a pie eating contest and a donuts eating game. Concessions available with minimal cost for cider, donuts, caramel or chocolate apple dippers, and water. This is a great event for all ages!!!

The Veterans Day 5K is gaining in support and registrations. I have also confirmed a number of military units that are going to be on hand for the event. This is no doubt, going to be a worthwhile project for all in attendance. Be sure to continue to put out the word and encourage your friends to come. We will be posting vendor space details soon, so if you have friends who would like to setup a space and support the cause, have them reach out to us!

Our Current Event Sponsors are;

Five Star General – UAW Local 900
General – Amanda Apfelblat – Michigan Chiropractic Specialists
Colonel – Gary Bulson and Men on the Move
Sergeant – Westland Mall

We still need more sponsors and participants to reach our goal! Contact me for more details! Soon, we will hit the streets of the local area to ask businesses to post our flyers in our effort to gain as much support as possible.

Future Dates to remember
Oct 3-4 – Fall Conference in Grand Blanc
Oct 6 – October GMM
OCT 8th – Westland Meet the Candidates – Westland City Hall – MOVED!
Oct 10th – Rouge A Palooza
Oct 20 – Westland Area Jaycee 2016 Elections
OCT 25th – Friendly Monster at HUSH
OCT 29th  – Ultralevel Corporate Poker Night – MOVED!!
Nov 4 – November GMM
Nov 5th – Veterans Dinner / 5K Shirt Pickup – Tentative
Nov 7th – Veterans Day 5k  / Make a Senior Smile