Westy Weekly Sept. 20, 2015


Greetings! The weather is cooling off a bit and it is wonderful. I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend. It was nice to see a number of you over the holiday and glad we had a chance to have a good time. I would also like to wish Linda Hart luck as she represents not only the Westland Area Jaycees, but the United States Jaycees as she leaves for Ontario tomorrow morning to compete at the Amerada games in Canada. This is an ongoing tradition every year between the two countries.

On Tuesday, September 8th, the chapter was well represented by Linda Hart, Amy Willingham, Callie Hubbard, Damian Bennet, and Shawn Harshaw. The Jaycees led the meeting with the pledge of allegiance. We were also presented with a $5000 Sponsorship check from Councilman Bill Johnson on behalf of UAW Local 900 for our Veterans Day 5K. Councilman Johnson and the Local have contributed heavily into community and Veterans focused programs for years and they were more than pleased to help us with our project. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team for showing up and representing this chapter well and also thank Bill Johnson again for his support of our chapter. We look forward to seeing them at the event!

I would also like to thank Sammy Willingham, Allison Bulson, DJ Campbell, Callie Hubbard, and everyone else who worked in Royal Oak this weekend ant the Arts, Beats and Eats. They sacrificed their own time on a holiday weekend in the extreme heat to help save a project and put a couple of dollars in our coffers. The Central Woodward Jaycees (Formerly known as the Royal Oak Jaycees) couldn’t have pulled it off without us running the event for them this year an they are very thankful for our Service. Once again, we are out there and showing them how its done. I couldn’t be any prouder to be a Westy with all of you.

A brief correction. Last week we posted the following;
Another order of business at the GMM was the Motion and Approval for the Westland Area Jaycees to unanimously support Adam Bonarek as the 92nd President of the Westland Area Jaycees. Delegates are yet to be determined for the state election in Flint on October 2nd.
This should have read;
Another order of business at the GMM was the Motion and Approval for the Westland Area Jaycees to unanimously support Adam Bonarek as the 92nd President of the Michigan Junior Chamber. Delegates are yet to be determined for the state election in Flint on October 2nd.

Are you going to October Conference? Did you register yet? Have questions? Ask the board or reach out on the members only page. We would love to see a big Westy presence at this conference like we have had the previous ones. The hotel block ends tonight and the early bird registration ends tomorrow.

This Sunday at 1pm, is the kickoff meeting for the Harvest Festival committee. This will be a family friendly event put on in conjunction with our friends at HUSH haunted house on Ford rd. It will be an open lights on event for children to have a NON-Scary walk through to get candy and we will help outside with concessions. The team is forming now, so if you would like to be on the committee, be at Alexanders this Sunday!

DATE MOVE – Ultra Level Poker room is now OCT 29th. Please adjust your schedules accordingly!
DATE MOVE – Westland Meet the Candidates is now Tentative for October 8th.

The Veterans Day 5K is gaining in support and registrations. I have also confirmed a number of military units that are going to be on hand for the event. This is no doubt, going to be a worthwhile project for all in attendance. Be sure to continue to put out the word and encourage your friends to come. We will be posting vendor space details soon, so if you have friends who would like to setup a space and support the cause, have them reach out to us!

Our Current Event Sponsors are;

Five Star General – UAW Local 900
General – Amanda Apfelblat – Michigan Chiropractic Specialists
Colonel – Gary Bulson and Men on the Move
Sergeant – Westland Mall

We still need more sponsors and participants to reach our goal! Contact me for more details!

On a final note, tomorrow is September 11th. Please keep those affected by this horrible tragedy in your thoughts and prayers. I ask that you also keep our community and our country as a whole as well. Our elected leaders, service men and women, police, fire, and all service workers. We keep them in our hearts, remember what they do every day for us. 14 Years ago in New York, when terror struck, regular people ran away from terror, they ran in. Most of them never coming back out.

Future Dates to remember

SEP 11-12 – Amerada in Canada
Oct 3-4 – Fall Conference in Grand Blanc
Oct 6 – October GMM
OCT 8th – Westland Meet the Candidates – Westland City Hall – MOVED!
Oct 18-20 – Oktoberfest in Frankenmuth!
Oct 20 – Westland Area Jaycee 2016 Elections
OCT 29th  – Ultralevel Corporate Poker Night – MOVED!!
Nov 4 – November GMM
Nov 5th – Veterans Dinner / 5K Shirt Pickup – Tentative
Nov 7th – Veterans Day 5k  / Make a Senior Smile

Jim Hart
2015 President
Westland Area Jaycees

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